The easy way to offer your customers a monthly instalment plan

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Calculate monthly payment quotes

Calculate instalment payment plans & present them to your customers. Rather than quoting your customer £2000, how about quoting £24 a month?

0% Finance

With Credabill you can quote your customers 0% finance, or 9.9% APR and let them see their options for paying in affordable instalments 

Get paid in full whilst your customer pays monthly

Once your customer agrees to their chosen monthly plan, you're safe to crack on with the work, GUARANTEED to receive payment upon completion of the work.


How does it work?

Send finance quote

As a Credabill software licensed user, presenting monthly instalment payment options to your customers is easy. Our cloud hosted software can process both 0% interest free and interest bearing quotes, with or without a deposit being applied.

Auto-Present Finance

Simply enter the price of the work that you are quoting for into the platform and it will send your customer an SMS with the monthly instalment options available to them

Customer applies

via magic link

If your customer likes the sound of paying monthly, they simply click on a special link within the SMS to apply to Credabill. Our PSD2 (payment services directive) compliant platform processes your customers loan application with the lender and presents them directly with a credit decision.

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The easy way to offer finance to your customers 

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